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dLook is an Australian-owned online business directory and advertising agency. Panel Beater Quotes uses dLook’s emarketing expertise to enable them to provide their service of connecting consumers with local panel beaters. dLook has provided the website, SEO and advertising for this website.

Panel Beater Quotes and dLook work to bring you the best possible results with business information, quotes and reviews for our customers. Call us today to find out how you can be listed on Panel Beater Quotes and dLook, Australias largest business directory.

About dLook | Australian Online Business Directory and Advertising Company

dLook offers professional online directory listing, web hosting and advertising solutions to give your business and prominent web presence. Its motto ‘Be found online’ reflects the key aim of dLook: to increase the visitors and search engine rankings of the websites that we service.

But we go beyond this, because we also make your websites attractive to visitors to ultimately increase your leads and conversions. We provide feature rich business listings which include multimedia, reviews, social media, mobile platforms and more.

dLook Services | Online Advertising Packages Australia

dLook lists 1.7 million Australian businesses and it was able to garner such a broad client base – from Air Conditioners to Wedding Celebrants – by offering a broad range of packages to suit any need – from small businesses to large companies. dLook provides the following services:

Free dLook Listings

dLook provides any business a place in our directory, free of charge. We get many searches in of our directory at daily, so there’s no reason not to create your free business listing. You’re likely to see your customers rise and your web rankings increase.

dLook Premium Listings

A free listing is a start. It’s a tangible boost to your businesses marketing, but for professional SEO, managed by our SEO specialists, you should opt for a premium listing. Premium listings rank better on all of the major search engines, like Google. They also appear above the free listings in our directory listings, so this package can give your business a serious marketing boost.

dLook Express Package

The dLook Express Package builds even further upon the Premium Listing. It includes a dLook-hosted website designed professionally by our web design specialists. It also includes the option of Google Adwords advertising and even radio advertisements. It is the breadth and professionalism of service of the Express Package that makes it dLook’s most popular package.

dLook & dFound Advertising Package

The ultimate in dLook services – this package is a personalised marketing campaign for your business in which we use a plethora of marketing channels to increase your business’ presence. This package includes video, radio, social media, pay-per-click and more, to elevate your search rankings, increase word-of-mouth, improve branding and more.

Chapter Two, one of our clients benifited greatly from having a fully optimised website, My Credit Card Debt, which ranks well for credit card debt in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Find out how you can get a website like our finanical services friends by calling today.

We’re sure that your business can benefit from one of these packages. If you would like to give your business a significant, measurable marketing boost then visit our website or call our Sydney office on 02 9290 2821. Or, if you would like to test the water first, there’s no risk in creating a free dLook directory listing. We’re sure that you’ll gauge a palpable marketing boost from our free listing, but that’s only the start of what dLook can do for your business.

The dLook Reviews and Quotes Service

One of the concerns many businesses have about creating an online presence, particular one that interacts with their customer base is the lack of control over what customers post about them. Fortunately, dLook’s reviews and quotation service eliminates this worry by allowing businesses to moderate what is said about them online as well as collect quotes in order to boost your businesses image.

Use dLook’s system to get your customers to leave a review that you can then use if you find it reflects what your business stands for. Call 02 9290 2821 for more information on our highly effective reviews and quotes service.

dLook Reviews and Quotes

dLook possesses the best technology to get your business found online. We have the capacity to use a broad range of marketing channels for your business including but not limited to: Youtube videos, quotes, SEO keywords, mobile apps, social media, images and reviews. Every additional medium adds a new dimension to your business’ marketing campaign that opens it up to a larger customer base.

A major benefit of our directory’s technology is the ability for you as the client to customise your landing page to suit your business. We don’t try to brand your business under our own banner.

And gone are the days when marketing was criticised for having an unmeasurable effect. With a dLook listing, you get access to precise statistics on your web traffic and other indicators of dLook’s effect on your business.

Give dLook a call on 02 9290 2821 to get more people to know about your business.

dLook offers the Best in Online Marketing to our Customers

Localised search (searches within websites) are the most feasible way for small businesses to compete with large businesses in eMarketing, as opposed to on Google for instance, where small businesses can’t afford the exorbitant prices per click for being listed on Google Adwords on popular keywords.

dLook can get your small business ranking highly, especially on searches around the local area where your customer base resides, not on the other side of the world.

However, out of all of the benefits dLook states of its services, it doesn’t make any claim that it can’t guarantee. Unlike some businesses which promise you a top spot on Google, dLook knows that the nature of the industry is that no business in the world bar maybe Google itself could promise you this. dLook provides a high value service to get word of your business and your brand out to more people using the web and in doing so, we have a history of getting you more customers.

Most significantly, a key differentiator between dLook and other directory companies – with dLook YOU OWN YOUR DOMAIN. We host your domain for you, on our servers, but it’s still your URL and you can get it transferred off our servers back to you at any time.

So for an Australia-wide proven way TO BE FOUND ONLINE, call dLook today on 02 9290 2821 and start utilise the web to your business’ best advantage.

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